How To Get Microsoft’s Free Robux and How To Access In Unallowed Countries Read Pinned Comment

(UPDATED) Roblox Hack

This Video Will Be Showing How To Bypass The “Microsoft Rewards is not available in your country or region” Error And Will Be Introducing The Roblox x Microsoft promotion.
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How To Use Microsoft Rewards To Get Free

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100% real method for free robux! Before you comment how this is a scam, look at the website I’m using. It’s microsoft. Yes, microsoft. A billion-dollar company isn’t going to scam you.

— To get free robux, you have to use an app called microsoft rewards to obtain points. You get points by doing activities(quizzes), and by searching stuff on bing. When you get enough points, redeem a microsoft $5 gift card or a $10 one, and go to the microsoft store(link provided down below). Now there are TWO options of doing this (XBOX & PC)

Just buy the 400 robux pack and the robux will be desposited into your roblox account

Windows 10 Go to your windows search bar, type up “Microsoft Store,” open this, and search for ROBLOX. Download this ROBLOX app on Microsoft (it’s different from the website roblox client) and open it. Login to your account and click on the robux icon on the top right. Click on ‘buy robux’ and it will prompt you to use a payment method. Select “Use funds from my microsoft account’ and then Voila!


Buy the robux


(UPDATED) Roblox Hack