(UPDATED) Roblox Hack

Hey guys! In todays video, I showed you guys how you can walk on the walls in tower of hell! Hope you guys enjoy.

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~Q~ What do you use to edit/record?
~A~ I use iMovie, available on IOS, to edit. To record, I use screen recording if I am on my phone or tablet, which you can get for free through settings on an Apple device. If I record on the computer, I use Snagit Screen Recording Software.

~Q~ How do you get so much money on bloxburg for giveaways?
~A~ I get my money on bloxburg from working a LOT. I prefer using the pizza delivery job, especially because I get the most amount of money from it.

~Q~ How do you choose your giveaway winners?
~A~ I choose my giveaway winners by recording all of their names onto a wheel. I put all the entries onto the wheel then spin. This keeps the giveaways fair.

~Q~ Can you friend me?
~A~ Sorry, but no. If I friend you, it would be unfair to others that also want to be friends with me. Iā€™m really sorry, but keep in mind I have over 600+ friend requests.

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(UPDATED) Roblox Hack