Roblox Fly hack (Infinite jump) + Download and tutorial. Working September 2018.

(UPDATED) Roblox Hack

I Apologize for the mistakes I made during this video.

I forgot to tell you that after solving the “I’m not a robot”,
You have to wait 7 seconds and then click on The Green”Get link” button. DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ELSE!!!
Ok Here’s the link:

Enjoy trolling your friends and people around you!

Please Note that I am being a legitimate person when it comes to these installation tutorials. I am Not Trying to scam anyone.
I understand how you feel if you suddenly get a Virus on your computer when you download from other people’s shady, bad looking tutorials.

Also, I’m not responsible if your computer breaks just because of this tutorial.

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(UPDATED) Roblox Hack